postheadericon About is a comparison site where we pool together all the best fish kettles we can find to make products easily accessible all in one place. Fish kettles are used to gently poach fish to perfection, whist keeping the fish in perfect condition for presentation. The results speak for themselves, you get a beautifully cook fish that stays moist, delicious and doesn’t have to be chopped up or bent around a pan.
Whole fish are a cheaper way of eating fish especially salmon and it couldn’t be easier to cook when using a fish kettle. Either gently poach your fish or bring to the boil, then turn off the heat and leave it to cook from the residual heated water. Make sure you keep the lid on tight and don’t keep lifting the lid off or you will lose all your heat for cooking.
We have everything from the rolls Royce of fish kettle, the copper fish kettle to the cheaper stainless steel fish kettles which are inexpensive to buy and easy to keep clean.

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postheadericon Winware Fish Kettle

Winware Fish KettleAn exciting kitchen gadget that the enthusiastic home cook or professional chef will love is the fish kettle. This Winware product offers the consumer the ability to gently poach fish, while maintaining the fish’s shape for perfect presentation for your family or guests. No longer are you required to cut or bend fish simply to fit in a pan for cooking. Fish can be easily cooked in this large, stainless steel kettle. The 24″ size allows the consumer the ability to purchase and poach whole fish, which are often less expensive, offering additional value.


The fish kettle by Winware has handles on each side, allowing it to be easily transported to the dining table. The tight-fitting lid allows the heated water to remain at a constant temperature, allowing for gentle poaching, and resulting in moist and delicious fish. The kettle is also supplied with an inset drainer plate to assist in draining the heated water. This stainless steel product is also easier to clean than the more expensive models and is ideal for the home or in professional kitchens. The innovative fish kettle by Winware offers a great value for serving a moist and delicious fish, while offering perfect presentation.

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postheadericon Why not serve a whole poached fish this New Years Eve?

Whole Poached FishComing up with a crowd pleasing and visually stunning supper dish to serve for a New Years Eve gathering may take some thought and planning if you want to pull off a dish which will be awe inspiring, in both presentation and in taste. One of the options is to serve whole poached fish as the main entree for supper.

To plan and prepare for such a dish, you will need fresh fish found at a fish market, which is to help ensure freshness. To cook and thus prepare the fish, and to poach the fish properly, a fish kettle is your best bet. A fish kettle is designed to house just enough water or other liquid for poaching, and the inside is large enough to house the whole fish.

You can play around with various recipes and techniques prior to the event, to make sure you have decided exactly how you will poach the fish in the fish kettle for the big event. Playing around with different liquids and herbs is one way to impart flavour in to the fish. For example, using white wine and fresh dill can make your poached fish a crowd favourite as the flavours pair well together.

Once poached, the whole fish can be served on an ornate platter and placed in the centre of the dining table for all to see. Using garnish around the edges of the plate further makes the dish jaw dropping and visually pleasing.

postheadericon The Gift of a Fish Kettle

If you know an avid fish lover then why not consider buying them a fish kettle if they do not already own one?


This is a device that will make it possible for the person receiving the gift to be able to receive something that they will really put to use. While receiving anything is a great demonstration of care and affection, if it is something that will enrich the life of the person receiving the the gift it is that much more special. With the receipt of a gift that will actively serve the person who receives it there is a good deal of appreciation involved, so giving this particular gift to a boss or other superior might be a good idea!


A fish kettle is a gift that lasts a lifetime and will be a constant reminder of the good will of the gift giver. It is nice to have a permanent reminder of someone else’s good will, and for many one of the highlights of their day is a good meal. This is a great apparatus for any fish lover because it cooks the food in a way that is unique and will provide them with an excellent meal time and again. Taking the time to move forward with a unique gift idea is something that everyone should try to make happen during the Christmas season. Think about what your gift recipient will enjoy the most, and do so without mentioning it so that it is a surprise.

postheadericon 70cm Lacor Fish Kettle with grill/rack included

70cm Lacor Fish Kettle with grill/rack includedHere at we frequently get asked why our fish kettles are only available in sizes up to 60cm. The answer to this question is that this seems to be the largest size that is ready available to the public online.


However after extensive searching we have found this little or maybe we should say big beauty that is easily available to the public. The above fish kettle is a large 70cm / 700mm which is more than 27.5 inches (over 2 feet long). We are sure you will agree that’s one big fish that needs to fill this fish kettle poacher!


Also included, and without doubt will be needed, is a rack to place your fish on to make getting your salmon or trout out of your fish kettle poacher without it breaking up and ruining all your hard work.


Lacor is a quality brand that is at home both in professional 5 star restaurant and hotel kitchens as well as domestic kitchens and a brand that will last the test of time.

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postheadericon Professional Standard Fish Kettle

Professional Standard Fish KettleThis fish kettle poacher is made for a professional standard of use and is 100% trade guaranteed, so if you run a catering company or kitchen then this fish kettle will take the more constant battering that a restaurant or hotel kitchen will inflict.


This fish kettle is 100% durable and is of a better standard than your run of the mill cheaper and less durable high street brands and because of this it will last longer and give you a better standard of service in a catering environment kitchen or establishment.


This fish kettle poacher is 18 inches long which is almost 46cm and its dimensions are 100mm high x 500mm wide x 155mm deep and it is made from stainless steel to prevent tarnishing. The fish kettle also comes complete with inset and drainer plate to allow you to get your fishes out whole in preparation for presentation and once again remember that this fish kettle comes with a 100% trade guarantee.

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postheadericon 45cm Copper Fish Kettle by Mauviel

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” and this copper fish kettle is certainly beautiful. Mauviel are a company known universally for their exquisite quality cookware, their products are created to an exceptionally high standard of family tradition and expertise to bring you a product that is not just a cooking utensil but also a thing of beauty that can be passed down your family for generation to come. But there is more, copper pans are not just sort after because of their attractiveness!

Copper pans are very heat conductive and give greater heat distribution. Your fish kettle can be heated up and then the fish can be left to cook in its own residual heat to perfection. Copper also heats up 5 times faster than cast iron and twice as fast as aluminium. If you love copper cookware then this fish kettle will give you a lifetime of good service for your investment in this product and will be admired by people for more years than you will care to remember. If you would prefer to buy a bigger copper fish kettle then click here to see our 60 cm copper fish kettle also made by Mauviel

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postheadericon Horwood 60cm Stainless Steel Fish Kettle/Poacher

Horwood  60cm Stainless Steel Fish Kettle-PoacherThis fish kettle is made by the quality brand Horwood who are part of the Stellar and Judge group, which is a brand known for its quality. The fish kettle is 60cm long which is 24inches in imperial measurements and it is ideal for poaching whole or fillets of fish to perfection. Included is an insert that enables you to lower and gently raise your fish into and out of the poaching liquor to keep your fish in one whole piece. The fish kettle also comes with a well fitting lid to stop your poaching liquor from evaporating away during cooking.


Made from 18/10 stainless steel, this fish kettle will give you years of good service and because of the stainless steel construction you can rest with ease that your fish kettle won’t have a fishy smelling odour after it’s been washed after use, it is also worth mentioning that this fish kettle is suitable for dishwasher use and can be used both on the hob/stove and in the oven.

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postheadericon 60cm Clearview Stainless Steel Fish Kettle

60cm Clearview Stainless Steel Fish KettleThis is a long fish kettle that’s perfect for cooking big fish in it. At 60cm this fish kettle is just short of 2 foot long, making it one of the longest fish kettles that is easily available in the domestic market. Perfect for party cooking, you can poach a huge salmon for all your guests to enjoy with the minimum of effort on your part.

Your guests will think that you’ve been slaving over a hot stove all day but the fact is nothing could be further from the truth because anyone can do it.

This fish kettle comes with a lift out drainer insert to make getting your fish out of the fish kettle a breeze. Suitable for all types of cookers/stoves including induction and ceramic heat, this product is also suitable for use in the dishwasher.

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postheadericon Winware 18″ Fish Kettle

Winware 18 inch Fish KettleUndoubtedly one of the classier ways to cook a fish, this Winware fish kettle is great value.

It’s long lasting because it’s made of stainless steel which will retain its modern sleek look for years whilst giving you good service. Poach your fish to perfection and then take it out of this fish poacher with ease because this fish kettle comes with an insert drainer plate to help you get your salmon or trout out of the fish poacher in perfect condition, ready for you to present it to your dinner table with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of style. The dimensions of the fish kettle are 100mm high x 500mm wide x 155mm depth.

Perfect for a birthday celebration as it looks a lot harder to cook than it is, which gives you time with the guests and not chained to the kitchen.

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