postheadericon 24 inch Stainless Steel Fish Kettle

A whole poached salmon is the perfect Christmas lunch for people who wish to have something a little different but delicious from the usual Christmas turkey and a whole poached salmon with hollandaise sauce is a treat to both the eyes and the tummy.

With this fish kettle you can gently poach your Christmas lunch to perfection, leaving your oven free for whatever other tasty treats you would like your salmon to be accompanied by. The fish kettle is 24” long which is perfect for a whole fish or you can poach individual fishes for you and your guests, trout would make a beautiful meal for family and friends.

This poacher comes complete with a superb quality insert/rack to make getting your beautifully cooked, delicate fish out of the pan with ease and the whole fish kettle is made from stainless steel which will keep on looking fabulous for years. The perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves to cook and eat wonderful food.

Buy this fish kettle for only £44.99

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