postheadericon 70cm Lacor Fish Kettle with grill/rack included

70cm Lacor Fish Kettle with grill/rack includedHere at we frequently get asked why our fish kettles are only available in sizes up to 60cm. The answer to this question is that this seems to be the largest size that is ready available to the public online.


However after extensive searching we have found this little or maybe we should say big beauty that is easily available to the public. The above fish kettle is a large 70cm / 700mm which is more than 27.5 inches (over 2 feet long). We are sure you will agree that’s one big fish that needs to fill this fish kettle poacher!


Also included, and without doubt will be needed, is a rack to place your fish on to make getting your salmon or trout out of your fish kettle poacher without it breaking up and ruining all your hard work.


Lacor is a quality brand that is at home both in professional 5 star restaurant and hotel kitchens as well as domestic kitchens and a brand that will last the test of time.

Buy this large 70cm Fish Kettle for £130.52

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