postheadericon About is a comparison site where we pool together all the best fish kettles we can find to make products easily accessible all in one place. Fish kettles are used to gently poach fish to perfection, whist keeping the fish in perfect condition for presentation. The results speak for themselves, you get a beautifully cook fish that stays moist, delicious and doesn’t have to be chopped up or bent around a pan.
Whole fish are a cheaper way of eating fish especially salmon and it couldn’t be easier to cook when using a fish kettle. Either gently poach your fish or bring to the boil, then turn off the heat and leave it to cook from the residual heated water. Make sure you keep the lid on tight and don’t keep lifting the lid off or you will lose all your heat for cooking.
We have everything from the rolls Royce of fish kettle, the copper fish kettle to the cheaper stainless steel fish kettles which are inexpensive to buy and easy to keep clean.

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