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Professional Standard Fish KettleThis fish kettle poacher is made for a professional standard of use and is 100% trade guaranteed, so if you run a catering company or kitchen then this fish kettle will take the more constant battering that a restaurant or hotel kitchen will inflict.


This fish kettle is 100% durable and is of a better standard than your run of the mill cheaper and less durable high street brands and because of this it will last longer and give you a better standard of service in a catering environment kitchen or establishment.


This fish kettle poacher is 18 inches long which is almost 46cm and its dimensions are 100mm high x 500mm wide x 155mm deep and it is made from stainless steel to prevent tarnishing. The fish kettle also comes complete with inset and drainer plate to allow you to get your fishes out whole in preparation for presentation and once again remember that this fish kettle comes with a 100% trade guarantee.

Buy this professional grade fish ketlle for £46.46 inc Free Shipping!

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