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Winware 18 inch Fish KettleUndoubtedly one of the classier ways to cook a fish, this Winware fish kettle is great value.

It’s long lasting because it’s made of stainless steel which will retain its modern sleek look for years whilst giving you good service. Poach your fish to perfection and then take it out of this fish poacher with ease because this fish kettle comes with an insert drainer plate to help you get your salmon or trout out of the fish poacher in perfect condition, ready for you to present it to your dinner table with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of style. The dimensions of the fish kettle are 100mm high x 500mm wide x 155mm depth.

Perfect for a birthday celebration as it looks a lot harder to cook than it is, which gives you time with the guests and not chained to the kitchen.

Buy this Vinware 18inch fish kettle for £39.99

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