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Winware Fish KettleAn exciting kitchen gadget that the enthusiastic home cook or professional chef will love is the fish kettle. This Winware product offers the consumer the ability to gently poach fish, while maintaining the fish’s shape for perfect presentation for your family or guests. No longer are you required to cut or bend fish simply to fit in a pan for cooking. Fish can be easily cooked in this large, stainless steel kettle. The 24″ size allows the consumer the ability to purchase and poach whole fish, which are often less expensive, offering additional value.


The fish kettle by Winware has handles on each side, allowing it to be easily transported to the dining table. The tight-fitting lid allows the heated water to remain at a constant temperature, allowing for gentle poaching, and resulting in moist and delicious fish. The kettle is also supplied with an inset drainer plate to assist in draining the heated water. This stainless steel product is also easier to clean than the more expensive models and is ideal for the home or in professional kitchens. The innovative fish kettle by Winware offers a great value for serving a moist and delicious fish, while offering perfect presentation.

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