postheadericon Advantages to poaching your fish

  • Firstly the advantages to poaching fish over say frying or sautéing your fish is of course that poaching is a much healthier way to eat fish.
  • Fish poaching especially in a fish kettle is a very easy and simple style of cooking that is perfect for the beginner that would like to impress their guests but doesn’t want to spend frantic hours in the kitchen. Simply place your whole fish onto the rack of your fish kettle and slowly submerge into boiling stock, a court bouillon or salted water and poach for the required time, it really is that simple.
  • Fish poaching is a forgiving way to cook, if your dinner guests are going to be a little late then there isn’t the need to worry as much as if you had baked your fish. You do of course still have to be careful not to overcook your fish but a little extra time inside your fish kettle whilst your guest arrive won’t hurt too much. Just remove the fish kettle of the heat and the residue heat will keep the fish warm and moist.
  • Poaching fish in your fish inside a fish kettle is a great way to combat a fishy taste that puts some people off eating fish. Poaching the fish gently inside your fish kettle will help combat some of those fish odours that put people off cooking fish in their homes especially when a court bouillon or flavoured stock is used inside your fish kettle.
  • Poaching fish in a fish kettle saves energy and space in your oven or on your stove, which is a big help if you don’t have enough oven space or rings on your stove to cook everything at once. Simply heat your fish kettle with its required liquid to boiling point, place your fish inside the fish kettle and place the lid on top of the fish kettle, remove from the heat and leave your fish to poach off the heat to perfection.
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