postheadericon Why not serve a whole poached fish this New Years Eve?

Whole Poached FishComing up with a crowd pleasing and visually stunning supper dish to serve for a New Years Eve gathering may take some thought and planning if you want to pull off a dish which will be awe inspiring, in both presentation and in taste. One of the options is to serve whole poached fish as the main entree for supper.

To plan and prepare for such a dish, you will need fresh fish found at a fish market, which is to help ensure freshness. To cook and thus prepare the fish, and to poach the fish properly, a fish kettle is your best bet. A fish kettle is designed to house just enough water or other liquid for poaching, and the inside is large enough to house the whole fish.

You can play around with various recipes and techniques prior to the event, to make sure you have decided exactly how you will poach the fish in the fish kettle for the big event. Playing around with different liquids and herbs is one way to impart flavour in to the fish. For example, using white wine and fresh dill can make your poached fish a crowd favourite as the flavours pair well together.

Once poached, the whole fish can be served on an ornate platter and placed in the centre of the dining table for all to see. Using garnish around the edges of the plate further makes the dish jaw dropping and visually pleasing.

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