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postheadericon Poached Salmon

A whole poached salmon makes a beautiful dinner or is an equally impressive  centre piece for any buffet table.

Try it for your Christmas and New year celebrations, it’s simple to cook and people will think you have been slaving over a hot stove for hours.

What you will need for this poached salmon recipe:

  • A fish kettle big enough to fit your fish in whole
  • 1 whole salmon approximately 2.5kg (5lb) in weight
  • 1 Lemon sliced
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 50 ml white wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon of peppercorns
  • A sliced carrot, celery stalk and onion
  • parsley stalks (you can use the tops for garnish later)

These ingredients are used to make a stock (court bouillon) which is used to poach your salmon; it doesn’t have to be exact so feel free to alter amounts to your taste

1) Place your whole salmon into your fish kettle and add enough cold water to just cover your salmon

2) Add all the other ingredients to the water

3) Cover with lid and slowly bring to the boil, once the water is boiling switch off and allow to cool to room temperature in its stock with the lid still on. Don’t worry about the very short cooking time, it’s the residual heat that poaches the fish

4) Once the salmon is at room temperature carefully remove from the fish kettle and place on a serving plate

5) Gently cut around the head and down the backbone with a sharp knife and peel back the skin to expose the pink flesh on one side of the salmon when you get to the tail simply cut the fish skin away from the tail

6) Then carefully turn the fish over and repeat on the other side of the fish

7) Wipe you serving plate with kitchen paper to remove any excess water and garnish with the parsley you keep back earlier. If you didn’t use the parsley you can decorate with thin slices of cucumber and place on the top of the fish to mimic scales or keep it really simple and just used lemon slices of wedges

8) Enjoy!

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