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Horwood  60cm Stainless Steel Fish Kettle-PoacherThis fish kettle is made by the quality brand Horwood who are part of the Stellar and Judge group, which is a brand known for its quality. The fish kettle is 60cm long which is 24inches in imperial measurements and it is ideal for poaching whole or fillets of fish to perfection. Included is an insert that enables you to lower and gently raise your fish into and out of the poaching liquor to keep your fish in one whole piece. The fish kettle also comes with a well fitting lid to stop your poaching liquor from evaporating away during cooking.


Made from 18/10 stainless steel, this fish kettle will give you years of good service and because of the stainless steel construction you can rest with ease that your fish kettle won’t have a fishy smelling odour after it’s been washed after use, it is also worth mentioning that this fish kettle is suitable for dishwasher use and can be used both on the hob/stove and in the oven.

Buy this Horwood fish kettle for £29.99

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